The revenge of the carpenter on the jurists

The prosecution in the courtroom is in fact a lawyer.However, this lawyerdoesn't defend the accused, but he represents the community and submits his requests to the judge on behalf of the society .....and I'll be frank with you...the prosecutor in the trial tries hard to implicate the accused , although the law doesn't ask him to do that!!

Historically, the public prosecution was called at first the king's lawyer whose job was to defend only the king .....and the oldest appointment as a king's lawyer was dated in 1332...then, little by little he became a lawyer for the society... he was standing beside the lawyer of the accusedduring the trial ....and here begins the myth which says that they decided to build a courtroom and re-furnish it ....the carpenter who was charged to do this made a mistake as he dedicated a part of the judges' table for the lawyer of the society on the podium and thus , the authorities of the the prosecution became very broad , just like a judge ...but is this true?

Ther's no evidence to prove this's just an example that is taught by laww professors to justify the authorities of public prosecution....then, the carpenter is a simple craftsman and I think the reason why they chose this ewample is because usually people choose the most vulnerable to be held responsible .... but let's imagine...what if this myth is a true story ?
After being held responsible to commit this error, he should certainly decide to take his revenge on the jurists who accused him.... he should furnish the court again ... this time he would dedicate a chair for the accused beside the prosecutor's chair.... the courtroom will be much closer to the hall of dialogue than it is to decide punishment for criminals
In order to avoid the revenge of any craftsman participated in the construction of the court...I admit that the carpenter was innocent !


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