The revenge of the carpenter on the jurists

The prosecution in the courtroom is in fact a lawyer.However, this lawyerdoesn't defend the accused, but he represents the community and submits his requests to the judge on behalf of the society .....and I'll be frank with you...the prosecutor in the trial tries hard to implicate the accused , although the law doesn't ask him to do that!!

Historically, the public prosecution was called at first the king's lawyer whose job was to defend only the king .....and the oldest appointment as a king's lawyer was dated in 1332...then, little by little he became a lawyer for the society... he was standing beside the lawyer of the accusedduring the trial ....and here begins the myth which says that they decided to build a courtroom and re-furnish it ....the carpenter who was charged to do this made a mistake as he dedicated a part of the judges' table for the lawyer of the society on the podium and thus , the authorities of the the prosecution became very broad , just like a judge ...but is this true?

Ther's no evidence to prove this's just an example that is taught by laww professors to justify the authorities of public prosecution....then, the carpenter is a simple craftsman and I think the reason why they chose this ewample is because usually people choose the most vulnerable to be held responsible .... but let's imagine...what if this myth is a true story ?
After being held responsible to commit this error, he should certainly decide to take his revenge on the jurists who accused him.... he should furnish the court again ... this time he would dedicate a chair for the accused beside the prosecutor's chair.... the courtroom will be much closer to the hall of dialogue than it is to decide punishment for criminals
In order to avoid the revenge of any craftsman participated in the construction of the court...I admit that the carpenter was innocent !

Common phrases...a dialogue between Youcef and the little Beccaria !

Youcef : Maya is a gorgeous girl...can we consider her beauty as a criminal danger ? it may exploit it to tempt others...
The little Beccaria : the criminal danger is the expectation of committing the crime by a previous offender... so , her beauty has nothing to do with the criminal danger... because she has never commited a crime !!!
Youcef : I heard that confession is the best evidence...what if she confessed , is that would be enough to punish her ?
The little Beccaria : confession is only one part of the evidence to prove the has the same value of the witness' testimony and the other evidence... then , it's for the judge to take it or reject it.
Youcef : if there is no sufficient evidence against the offender , he will be released temporarily and called on the trial , isn't that true ?
The little Beccaria : we can not describe " the release " as a temporary action...the imprisonment itself is temporary... because , originally , the human is innocent...but when the investigation prove his offence and then he was put in prison... it's just an exception...and so we say " temporary inprisonment "... and " release " .
After a few moments , the little Beccaria disappeared...and when Youcef called out to him , he woke up... it was just a dream .

Note : I've used the name " little Beccaria " because it's the name of the jurist Cesare Beccaria , he was an Italian lawyer...he was born in 1738 and died in 1794 .

We need five seasons in a year !!!

The criminology intereted in studying the reasons why the criminal commit the crime , without regard to its consequences...criminology neither focus on following up the offender nor punishing him/her , but it just asks one question : what made the offender commit the crime???
Among the theories that came out of criminology...a theory called " the thermal law of crime " , the founders of this theory believe that the weather affect the offender in a way that he commits a specific type of crimes...
They think that the person who lives in cold areas or feels cold ( especially in winter ) usually commits the crimes of funds , theft , fraud...etc
The reason of this , according to their opinion is that , who lives in such a weather requires a lot of food and has to wear winter cloths which cost an arm and a this person steals anything as a last resort simply because he didn't find enough money to meet his needs .
People who live in hot areas or feel hot ( in summer )...commit crimes such as murder , beatings...etc , because the heat increases the human emotions which makes them lose their temper for trivial reasons...and would harm anyone who argued with them.
In the mild weather , usually in spring or fall the human beings have a tendency to commit the crimes of honor such as the rape , and that's because the spring is the season of reproduction for most living organisms and therefore , people tend to have sex...for the reason that the atmosphere is , some resort to satisfy their instincts illegaly .
There is a Russian theory determines the number of crimes in a particular's the average temperature of a month multiplied by seven , added to the rate of humidity , the result is multiplied by this really true???
The human beings are affected psychologically by the climate in which they live...however , this is not a motive for the crime.
When we return to the archive of crimes throughout the history...we will not be able to explain the relationship between the crime and the weather for instance , there was a prefessional murderer Montague John Dorry called " Jack the butcher "...his favorite pastime was : killing the prostitues...that was in London...he died in 1889 .
This murderer committed crimes in all the months of the year , he killed Marry Nicola in August , then he killed Annie Cheyenne and Elizabeth Streed in September , in November he killed Mary John Kelly...
In December he killed Alice Dube...if we try to explain these murders according to the thermal law of crime...we notice that it doesn't fit the data avaitable about this criminal...if this theory is true...Jack would kill only Mary Nicola , and rape both Annie and Elizabeth...considering that the crime occured in fall , then he would steal Alice's house because it's the begining of winter.
But here , I'd like dear readers to point out the importance of this may serve for a discussion of that range of crimes which are closely linked to the psychology of the criminal offence of suicide.
If climate is really one of the causes of crime...we must think seriously about leaving the earth and looking for another planet...
Maybe we could find a planet with five seasons in a year , in which crimes are not committed.
Finally , dear readers...did you notice that there's a resemblance between Montague John and my blog???
I wouldn't make you think a lot!!!...John committed his crimes at the end of the the same time of my articles!