Common phrases...a dialogue between Youcef and the little Beccaria !

Youcef : Maya is a gorgeous girl...can we consider her beauty as a criminal danger ? it may exploit it to tempt others...
The little Beccaria : the criminal danger is the expectation of committing the crime by a previous offender... so , her beauty has nothing to do with the criminal danger... because she has never commited a crime !!!
Youcef : I heard that confession is the best evidence...what if she confessed , is that would be enough to punish her ?
The little Beccaria : confession is only one part of the evidence to prove the has the same value of the witness' testimony and the other evidence... then , it's for the judge to take it or reject it.
Youcef : if there is no sufficient evidence against the offender , he will be released temporarily and called on the trial , isn't that true ?
The little Beccaria : we can not describe " the release " as a temporary action...the imprisonment itself is temporary... because , originally , the human is innocent...but when the investigation prove his offence and then he was put in prison... it's just an exception...and so we say " temporary inprisonment "... and " release " .
After a few moments , the little Beccaria disappeared...and when Youcef called out to him , he woke up... it was just a dream .

Note : I've used the name " little Beccaria " because it's the name of the jurist Cesare Beccaria , he was an Italian lawyer...he was born in 1738 and died in 1794 .


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