What’s the relationship between crime and chocolate ?

Most of the time, we notice that law books in general , or penal law books particularly are surrounded by a great deal of complexity…

The writers are used to put their picture on a back cover of the book…they seem very serious as they’re wearing a suit . On top of this , the book is dark red-colored.

Regarding TV programs about the crime…the director often choose a violent rhythmic music at the end …the decor executive use dark colored curtains , the studio is rather closed and dark as well.

I think , penal law doesn’t need all this dimness to be taught or shown . However , it should be so clear and easy …it’s aimed to be closer to our minds and to everyone who wants to learn it.

Over the years , I’ve learnt that the best example is that one which is stuck into the mind and leads to the right idea quickly , even if it seems for some ridiculous for the first time .

They say ‘ crime is definite phenomenon in the life of the society , but it is probable in the life of an individual’…and despite of all this ambiguity that encircle this subject , the study of the crime is a pleasure…this enjoymant is not found in other specialties such as civil law, or administrative law …this characteristic is only for the penal law, which crime represents the heart of all its subjects .

After these lines , I guess dear readers you have understood the resemblance between the crime and the chocolate…

It’s the pleasure you feel while you’re tasting a bar of chocolate…it’s the enjoyment you touch when you’re discovering a crime…

Moreover , it’s the simplicity that makes you take the chocolate out of its tablet , and which take the basic elements of crime side by side …that’s the style I’m going to use in my blog with simple examples that enter the mind rapidly without knocking…and stay there for a long time .

The information are going to be practical , comprehensible without revising the complex law theories.

Your comments dear readers are the heart of this blog…don’t deprive me of them.


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